Protect Our Community from this MASSIVE PROJECT!

Mon, Sep 5, 2016 • Trinity Presbyterian

On September 27 the Harrison Planning Board will consider and possibly decide on a matter of the utmost importance to the Purchase community - the Trinity Church application. Our consultants and attorneys will continue to urge the Planning Board to require the applicant to consider and study a truly reduced scale alternative & reduced parking alternative more in-line with the neighborhood. Your attendance at this Public Hearing is essential to communicate with Town policy makers and demonstrate our unified opposition against this project. We remain committed, and confident that PEPA’s actions and involvement in this application process will result in a resolution that is to the satisfaction of our community residents.

In 2003 Trinity Presbyterian Church (TPC) first announced plans to build a new church at 526 – 530 Anderson Hill Road in Purchase. The application has gone through several incarnations and PEPA has been steadfastly contesting this application throughout the process. The current application calls for re-using a 6,800-square-foot, 1927 Tudor manor home that already exists on the site  as well as the construction of a new 19,200-square-foot building. A total of 128 parking spaces are proposed. Site access to and from Anderson Hill Road will be provided via an existing driveway to the west and a new driveway to the east.

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