We asked. You shared. We improved.

Tue, Sep 30, 2014 • General

We asked. We have been working to find better ways to communicate and engage the community. Therefore we recently sent out a survey to PEPA Members to find out how you feel about PEPA communication methods. Our goal was to find out how you viewed the value of each method. We also wanted to uncover areas we could improve our communication to make your PEPA membership even more valuable to you.

You shared. We received valuable feedback and several areas were identified for improvement. Some of these areas include: increase the frequency of news bulletins and updates; the PEPA website could be better organized and easier to navigate.  

We improved. Therefore to better communicate we started by making significant improvements to our website. A new interface was softly launched Sunday featuring new enhancements with more to come. There are still a few things we're working on improving, but we are working to get them up online as soon as possible.

Because you wanted more frequent updates, we moved the news page to the homepage putting important information up front and center. There's a new category list and an archive of past articles, so you can better target the information you're looking for.

We added a search engine so you can find past and present articles and pages.

The website has been optimized for mobile devices, so you can pull it up on your tablet and smartphone for easy browsing and reading.

Several aesthetic enhancements were made, including a larger font size so the articles are easier to read on screen. We improved the navigation so you can jump from page to page.

We appreciated hearing from you and take your feedback seriously! Please continue to participate in website polls and other surveys to help us serve you better. Your feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome. Please feel free to reach out at agold@pepapurchaseny.com.

Thank you for your participation and for being part of the PEPA community.

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