Meeting Notice: Trinity Presbyterian Church Agenda

Sun, Jul 19, 2015 • Meetings

We are writing with a reminder to mark your calendar to attend the Town/Village Harrison Planning Board Meeting on Thursday, July 23rd 2015 @ 7:30 PM.

There are several agenda items of concern including:

A committee report regarding Trinity Presbyterian Church has been scheduled prior to the regular meeting agenda. It appears, based upon language stated in the Agenda (below), the Planning Board will accept the FEIS as complete, begin its review process, share/post the the FEIS for public review, and schedule a public hearing:

TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – HOUSE OF WORSHIP/BUILDING ADDITION – 526-530 Anderson Hill Road, Block 643, Lots 7, 44, 49 – Consideration of Acceptance of Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Review and Public Hearing.

The previous hearing concerning the Trinity Presbyterian Church Application and Draft Environmental Impact Statement ("DEIS") was closed on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014.

As previously reported by PEPA, (background here ) the subsequent steps in the process required, in accordance with NY State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) that the Harrison Planning Board, as the lead agency, to prepare or cause to be prepared and file a final EIS and findings.” It is these final EIS findings (the FEIS) that will be considered, and possibly accepted as complete, at the upcoming session of the Planning Board.

While the July 23, 2015 agenda states that the SEQR Findings will be adopted, please note, it does not indicate that the Planning Board intends to vote or decide the fate of the application. Rather the acceptance of the FEIS is that the document is complete. This is one of the final steps in the SEQR process that "requires that each involved agency must prepare its own written SEQR findings statement, after a final EIS has been filed and before the agency makes a final decision." The findings certify that the requirements of SEQRA have been met.

What’s next?

The FEIS will be examined by the Planning Board in preparation of a “findings statement” (positive or negative) and a vote. As part of this process the Board will schedule a hearing and consider public comments.

Further, PEPA’s consultants will thoroughly review the FEIS. Throughout this 18 month application process, PEPA has engaged the services of Legal Counsel (Harris Beach) and an Environmental Planning firm (Louis Berger Group) to analyze the application, and the DEIS for both substantive and procedural deficiencies. PEPA will review the FEIS (once it is made public) with equal diligence and prepare comments that will be presented and submitted at the public hearing. New letters will be posted to our website when available. Previous comments from PEPA consultant's can be found here:

II. 103-105 CORPORATE PARK DRIVE – 103-105 Corporate Park Drive, Block 621, Lot 3 – DEIS, the second Public Hearing on the application is scheduled. Our consultant’s concerns and comments have been presented to the Board. Written copies are posted on our website, click here.

III. BRIGHTVIEW SENIOR LIVING OF HARRISON – 600 Lake Street, Block 995, Lots 11 & 12, Block 994, Lot 6 – Petition for Zoning Amendment, Site Plan Review, Steep Slope Permit, Special Exception Use Permit, SEQR Review, Public Hearing

IV. PARCEL B OFFICE BUILDING – 2 Manhattanville Road, Block 631, Lot 17

PEPA is watching all of these issues above, and more, very closely. We will provide updates as new information is available. Thank you for your interest and support. Together we protect our community.

Planning Board Agenda

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