ARCHIVE: 103- 105 Corporate Park Drive Letters

Sat, Aug 1, 2015 • Corp. Park Drive

Corporate Park Drive is located off of Westchester Avenue in the town's office park zone (SB-O). The SB-O now allows special exception uses only for education, hotels, and day care and fitness centers. However, a developer’s proposal to construct a 421-unit multifamily residential complex at 103-105 Corporate Park Drive has raised concerns with and deficiencies in the application. PEPA has partnered with Legal Counsel Harris Beach, PLLC and an Environmental Planning firm, Louis Berger Group, Inc., to address these concerns.

Below is a chronolical record of letters sent by Harris Beach, PLLC and The Louis Berger Group, Inc. regarding the 103-105 Corporate Park Drive Multifamily Residential Complex.

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