Update Trinity Church Application

Thu, Jul 7, 2016 • Trinity Presbyterian

The Town Village Harrison Planning Board heard the Trinity Presbyterian Church application (House of Worship/Building Addition 526-530 Anderson Hill Rd) at their meeting on July 5, 2016. We are writing to provide you with a summary.

Trinity Presbyterian' legal counsel made a short presentation explaining that Trinity was seeking a Site Plan and Special Exception Use Permit. Trinity's counsel also explained that the project was back before the Planning Board after receiving a height variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Trinity's consultant explained that they had reduced their proposed parking from 130 parking spaces down to 119 with an area of grass that is reinforced for overflow parking. Trinity also explained that at the two entrances on Anderson Hill Road it will install granite cobble stone strips and will be angling the western driveway to make it easier to access and would be rotating the sign for the church 90 degrees so it is easier to read from the road. The Board asked about the entrances to ensure that vehicles pulling out of the church will have the ability to see pedestrians especially children walking along the sidewalk. Trinity explained that they would look into it and provide information to the Board at the next meeting.

The Board also mentioned that they had received a letter from the County which was sent on 6/29/16 asking the Town to have the Applicant improve the sidewalk along Anderson Hill Rd. Furthermore, the County asked about what kind of green technologies the applicant would be putting into the project. Trinity's consultant explained that they would be renovating the existing home but in the new portion of the building they would be installing new modern mechanical systems, paints and the like. The Planning Board requested more information on the green technologies which the applicant said they would provide.

The Board also asked for some clarification as to the times and types of programs that would be happening at the site and that such schedules be incorporated into any approval resolution Trinity was granted. Specifically, the Board wanted to make sure that the neighbors were aware of what number of staff would be on site, a limit on the number of parishioners and hours of operation so that the neighbors are not surprised later on after the approval are made.

The Board also asked if the Applicant's traffic study which was previously conducted had included the opening of the Pepsi site and changes which are now proposed at SUNY Purchase. Staff for the Town explained that such changes were included in the study as such events were anticipated when this project was previously under review by the Planning Board.

Trinity asked that the matter be on for a public hearing in July and held open if need be in September. The Board denied this request and held a vote to put the matter on for a public hearing on September 27, 2016.

PEPA's legal counsel was denied the opportunity to comment by the Planning Board Chairman who explained that there would be no comment that evening and that all comments should be reserved for the public hearing which will be held on September 27th.

Please save the 9/27 date as it will be imperative that everyone who opposes this project attend that upcoming meeting.

In the meantime, PEPA's legal and environmental planning consultants will continue to research and provided the Planning Board with comments to ensure that all appropriate studies and reviews are conducted as part of the environmental review, legal and/or other approval procedures related to this project. We will provide you with updates accordingly.


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