Trinity Church Amended Site Plan

Mon, Dec 3, 2018 • Trinity Presbyterian

Meeting Update – Trinity Church Application

At last night’s Planning Board meeting, Trinity Presbyterian Church provided an initial presentation on an amended site plan proposal.  The layout of the amended site plan is substantially similar to the one previously approved, with a few differences.  First, the “sanctuary building” is now proposed to be detached from the church’s office building rather than connected, is approximately 40% smaller in size, and no longer has a steeple.  Although the building is not as high in elevation as the previously approved building (2 feet lower), it will still need a height variance from the Zoning Board. There will be a patio between the office building and the sanctuary building for “outdoor fellowship activities.”

Further, although the driveway configuration and interior circulation of the parking lots will remain the same, there will be 20 fewer parking spaces, and thus, less impervious surface coverage.   

The Planning Board passed resolutions which (1) designated itself as lead agency for SEQRA; (2) set a public hearing for the amended site plan application for 12/18/18; and (3) referred the application to the Zoning Board with a neutral recommendation for the height variance application.

To learn more, please mark your calendar to attend the next Planning Board Meeting on December 18, 2018.

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