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Fri, Oct 11, 2019 • Westchester Airport


Report Air Noise Instantly with 

New tool makes reporting excessive noise from airplanes a simple click

After appearing last summer in a 2018 WSJ article, a website called, which aims to combat the cumbersome and time-consuming aircraft noise complaint process, has responded to requests from the Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion (“Coalition”) to make the device compatible with the Westchester County Airport noise complaint system. instantly submits an aircraft noise complaint to the Westchester County Airport Noise Office by the click of your “Airnoise button."

Noise complaints are vital to document that there is indeed a noise problem. Before a noise mitigation program can begin, we must demonstrate the existence and location of the problem. The recent airport noise report, from May 2019, shows only 8 households complaining in Purchase. The lack of complaints is taken by both the County and the FAA as an indication that there is no noise problem. It is essential to file a complaint whenever you are annoyed by aircraft noise. 


airnoise sbutton

The Airnoise button can be carried in your pocket, or on a keychain.  

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