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Tue, Feb 1, 2022 • Westchester Airport

We are writing to say thank you to our dedicated volunteers participating in the PEPA Air Noise Campaign and to show how member’s efforts have effectively demonstrated our community is significantly affected by airport traffic. It’s easier than ever to file a complaint with "AirNoise" and a button is no longer required! Please read the FAQ section below to learn how to participate for free using your laptop.
Proper documentation provides relevant and valuable evidence as PEPA works to ensure that member's voices are heard. Since the initiation of the Campaign in October 2019, PEPA can document that Purchase registers the most noise disturbances in Westchester County, and at a critical time: 

  • Stalled by Covid 19 the County Executive has told us that he plans to restart  Airport Master Planning sessions early next year.
  • During Tuesday night’s Airport Advisory Board Meeting, HPN’s Noise Office presented slides from the recent but unpublished  Airport Monitor Monthly Report revealing:
    • Purchase residents continue to register the most noise complaints
    • General Aviation Voluntary Restraint from Flying Program (VRFF) Operations Violations Midnight to 6:30am have reached an all-time high since June of this year. 

Regarding the curfew, PEPA along with the Coalition to Prevent Westchester County Airport Expansion (Coalition), recently presented to County Executive Latimer about airport curfews nationwide. Follow up meetings are being set up for regarding implementation of new policies to reduce aircraft during the curfew. PEPA is thankful the County is proactive and creating this group to suggest changes to improve the curfew.
Finally, we are sharing an Airport Noise Survey created by the Coalition in response to the County’s request for input. The survey aims to capture additional data about resident’s experience with aircraft noise. Your input counts! Data has been requested by, and will be shared with, the County to shape future policies. PEPA serves on the Steering Committee of the Coalition. It is a local umbrella group advocating against expansion and for a vibrant but limited and environmentally responsible County airport governed by policies that prioritize public health and safety, the reservoir and environment, and our quality of life in Westchester and the surrounding region.
BREAKING provides the simplest, fastest ways to make your voice heard, to help our community and it’s easier than ever. You no longer need a button to register an complaint. You can now file complaints directly from the mobile-friendly Airnoise web site, via your phone or laptop.

PEPA’s Airnoise Campaign FAQ

Do I have to make a purchase to use to register a complaint?
No purchase is necessary, and you no longer need a button. You can file complaints directly to Westchester County Airport from your laptop using the mobile-friendly web site. It's a simple three-step process and takes just a couple minutes to register your laptop.
I have an Airnoise button, what should I do if it stops working?
PEPA has transitioned our users away from using the button to using the airnoise “app” on your mobile phone. For more information, or instructions on downloading the airnoise app please contact Anne Gold, Executive Director at or (914)960-3088.
I prefer a button, how can I place an Airnoise order?
While PEPA is no longer able to process new orders for buttons you can easily order your Airnoise device directly from . The company will set you up and allow you to instantly submit an aircraft noise complaint to the Westchester County Airport Noise Office by the click of your Airnoise button.
Sign Up Here
The Button + Subscription plan for the Westchester County Airport will run you $42 button + $5/month.

How can I help sustain and grow the PEPA Air Noise Campaign?

  • Register a complaint when disturbed by aircraft noise. The Noise Abatement Office monitors both the total number of complaints as well as the rate of participation by household. Help PEPA demonstrate air noise is a problem experienced by a broad base of Purchase residents. It’s going to take the community standing together to make a change with the FAA. Even one complaint per month from a single household helps make the case. If you prefer to file by phone, please note you can leave a voice message at the Noise Abatement Office’s Complaint Hotline at (914) 939-8484. 
  • Make a financial contributionWith your donation, PEPA will continue its 107-year record of working to protect and promote a sustainable Purchase. 


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