Q&A: Responses to Member Questions

Mon, Jul 7, 2014 • General

What is the status of any action by PEPA regarding the MLS New York Football Club pursuing a lease to practice at SUNY Purchase College?

PEPA has expressed its objections to any such arrangement and is monitoring the situation.

Does PEPA have any updates regarding the Trinity Presbyterian Church Site Plan Application?

The Town issued a "Scoping Document" in February (see link below). Since then, the applicant has been preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which includes analyzing and responding to all comments received and should include additional studies and modeling to evaluate probable impacts raised by PEPA’s legal counsel and environmental consultants. Once the EIS is completed, the applicant will be allowed to proceed by sharing their “findings” at a monthly Town Village Harrison (TVH) Planning Board meeting.


The Trinity Presbyterian Church application does not appear on the agenda for the upcoming July 22 Planning Board meeting. The next regularly scheduled TVH Planning Board meeting is September 23, 2014, but the agenda is not yet available. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town’s website a few weeks before the monthly meeting. Once the application is placed on the agenda, PEPA will communicate details. Be assured the PEPA team will attend to learn the outcomes of the applicant’s studies, respond, and formally request a copy of the EIS. Once a copy is secured our legal counsel and environmental consultants will analyze and critique the findings.


Comments and letters submitted by our legal counsel and environmental planning consultants regarding the Trinity Presbyterian Church site plan can be found here:

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