Annual Members Meeting and Town Hall Recap

Mon, Jun 23, 2014 • Meetings

Thank you to the members who joined us for the Annual Meeting and Town Hall at the Purchase Community House last night. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this event, and hope that the information and dialogue provided was informative.

After formal business, Board Chairman, Michael Tokarz, gave an update on recent accomplishments and current issues; and then opened the meeting up for questions and conversation. We had very positive and productive conversations. Clearly, we all benefited from the opportunity to talk face to face. Moreover, the Board truly appreciated the opportunity to hear everyone’s opinions on the issues.

We were delighted that Marlene Amelio, Town Board member and Purchase resident, was able to join in the discussion. She expressed her strong desire to be aware of her constituents’ concerns and priorities so that her votes reflect your views. PEPA will continue to work closely with her. As promised we are also supplying her email address . If you send her a request she will add you to her email list.

Again, thank you to everyone who came out and shared your thoughts. The feedback and suggestions received during the Open Q& A session was valuable. We are very excited for our next gathering so we can address all the points that were brought up and implement a few of the great ideas. For those who were not able to make it, please feel free to reach out with your thoughts and comments.

Working to find better ways to communicate and engage the community is our priority. Therefore, to improve our communications and outreach we will soon be distributing an online  survey.  We recognize it’s important that we have objective insights into the ways we should be developing and evolving our priorities. We think surveying and polling helps ensure we on track.

Here’s some data from another recent poll: The community issues/concerns that were marked on the membership card as the three most important to the membership base included:

  1. New Construction
  2. Traffic/Roads
  3. Air/Water/Land/Noise Pollution (Tied)

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