2014 Annual Members Meeting

Sat, May 24, 2014 • Meetings

By now, you should have received a mailing from the Purchase Environmental Protective Association with an invitation to the Annual Members Meeting to be held on Sunday, June 22nd, from 6PM – 8PM at the Purchase Community House, 3095 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY. As Executive Director, I very much hope to see you there.

In recent months, many important local issues have come to the forefront which will have a direct impact on each and every person who lives in Purchase. Chief among them are:

  • The approval by the Town of Harrison's Planning Board on April 22nd of the Manhattanville College application to construct a Major League Soccer Training facility on the campus. On May 7, 2014 PEPA filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against the Harrison Planning Board, Manhattanville College and the New York City Football Club seeking an injunction to stop this development and to protect the Purchase community.
  • The plan by Trinity Presbyterian Church (TPC) to build a place of worship on 526 – 530 Anderson Hill Road. The plan includes constructing a new building of 19,800 sq. feet and at least 130 paved parking spaces. PEPA has submitted legal and environmental comments and objections about the TPC application to the Town. Furthermore, we continue to consider all remedies available to protect the community in regard to this pending application.

These issues and others like them raise critical questions about how development and growth patterns will affect and perhaps even alter our beautiful landscape. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all us to come together as a community to protect our common environmental, public safety and health interests.

So how can you help? First and foremost, you can help by joining PEPA as a Class A or Class B member. We believe that there is strength in numbers. PEPA has the history, the knowledge, the skills and the savvy to ensure that the interests of the residents of Purchase have their voices heard. PEPA is dedicated to a single mission – protecting the environment and quality of life in this unique community.

Secondly, we hope you will join us in working actively for the people of Purchase by participating in some of PEPA's activities. With that goal, the PEPA Board of Directors joins me in cordially inviting you to attend the Annual Meeting on June 22nd that will feature the following agenda items:

  • Review Mission of PEPA
  • Highlights of Past Activities and Accomplishments
  • Current Activities
  • Elections
  • Question and Answer Period

Also, our legal counsel will be on hand to share information, and updates on Current Issues!

For detailed information on the Annual Meeting, and how to RSVP, visit these links on website:
Letter | Proxy | RSVP

Or use the reply card and/or proxy (if needed) that you received in the mail.

Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors. We hope you decide to attend, and look forward to seeing you on June 22nd.

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