Harrison Public Library

Sun, Jan 27, 2013 • Harrison

I wanted to bring to your attention a very important initiative to create a Public-Private Partnership to renovate Harrison's Downtown Library, which is in critical need of improvement. The effort is being led by Ross Halperin, who is a 3rd generation Harrison resident and the Library building is named in honor of his father, Richard.

His proposal basically asks for the Town to fix the deferred maintenance in the building (which they will have to do soon anyways) and then private donors, who already have $1.3 million of financial resources, will modernize the Library with private funds. Here is a link to Ross' proposal, which he gave to the Town Board in November.

I've met and spoken with Ross multiple times and fully support this initiative as I think that it will truly make all of Harrison (Purchase included) a much better place.

I would appreciate if you could sign the petition that Ross is circulating and share with your family and neighbors.

The Town Board has until February 14th to make their commitment or this opportunity will be lost.

I encourage you to get involved and reach out to Ross (RossAHalperin@gmail.com) should you have any questions/thoughts.

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