Falcon Group Sherman Avenue Proposal Update

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 • Sherman Avenue

Let's continue to work together to prevent the Sherman Avenue Proposal that disturbs a very large portion, including wetlands and steep slopes, of the 14 acre site along the Mamaroneck River.

  1. Don't miss the Public Hearing for the Falcon Group's Application & FEIS on Tuesday, November 29th, 7:00pm, Municipal Building, Harrison, NY. Your attendance is essential to defeat this application. PEPA's environmental consultant will be making a professional presentation at the upcoming public hearing; raising serious problems and technical deficiencies with the application including storm water and flooding issues.
  2. Read and remark on Katherine Frankel's news article.
  3. Post a remark in the Comment Box supplied at the end of the article. Utilizing this interactive feature offered by the Patch is a quick, but significant way to show policy makers this is an important issue residents care about!

Thank you again for your continued concern that protects and preserves the face of our comunity. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please reach out if I can assist.

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